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Rainbow Bridge Techniques

Learn the Rainbow Bridge Techniques  to strengthen the link with the soul and clear your aura.

Emergent Light
Dedicated to promoting the spiritual journey and the evolution of human consciousness 
Sattva Institute
Sattva is the first Guna of the Yogi Philosophy.
It means purity, wisdom and balance. 
Dervish Bookshops
Dervish Bookshops stock a wide range of esoteric literature including the books of Alice Bailey.
(Dervish - Dublin)        (Dervish - Cork)
Soulful Connections 
The purpose of the Soulful Connections website is to encourage, support and promote the study
of esoteric teachings of the Ageless Wisdom based on the writings of D.K. and Alice Bailey. 
Positive News 
Positive News is an online Newspaper which reports positive news stories from around the world.

Natural Connections
Holistic Magazine 

Network Ireland –
Holistic Magazine 

Positive Life –
Holistic Magazine 

A Planetary Awakening
Reflections on the teachings of the Tibetan Master D.K. in the works of Alice A. Bailey

United Nations Organisation 

The Lucis Trust ,
a registered charity on the roster of the United Nations Economic and Social Council

World Goodwill
Actively working to establish right human relations through the use of the power of goodwill.  Goodwill is the touchstone which will transform the world.

The Great Invocation 
A mantram for the New Age and for all humanity.

Triangles is a service activity for men and women who believe in the power of thought. Working in groups of three they establish right human relations by creating a worldwide network of light and goodwill.

The Arcane School 
Training for new age discipleship is provided by the Arcane School. The principles of the Ageless Wisdom
are presented through esoteric meditation, study and service as a way of life.

OneWorld is a community of over 1,500 partner organisations around the world.  If you're looking for a charity, NGO or grassroots organisation start your search in the Partner Directory

The Kinsale Peace Project
Positive News is a quarterly Newspaper which reports positive news stories from around the world. 

Intuition in Service
A Unit of Service in New Zealand, promoting the work of the Lucis Trust and the United Nations 

The largest NGO People's Development Movement in Sri Lanka 

Peace Pole
A Peace Pole is a hand-crafted monument that displays the message and prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth on each of its four or six sides, usually in different languages. There are more than 200,000 Peace Poles in 180 countries all over the world dedicated as monuments to peace. They serve as constant reminders for us to visualize and pray for world peace 

The Hunger Site
Your click on the "Give Free Food" button funds food for the hungry, paid for by site sponsors whose ads appear after you click and provided to people in need around the world through the efforts of Mercy Corps and America's Second Harvest 
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