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William Meader Workshop 

Global Goodwill sponsors William Meader Workshops throughout Ireland

The Upper Room
- The Dwelling Place of Christ -

Venue:   Trident Hotel Kinsale,
                Co. Cork P17 NT38

Date:      Sat 11th + Sun 12th May 2024
10:00 am - 5:00 pm 


Investment:   €110   (You can pay on the day)

The Upper Room

Within the subtle realms of human consciousness is found The Upper Room. It is a dimension of awareness that transcends the mental, emotional, and physical perceptions of the personality, and is the place where the soul is inwardly found. Indeed, it is within this subtle realm where the carriage of the soul resides—a structure of angelic substance called the Causal Body.


The Causal Body exists upon the higher mental plane (the Upper Room), and contains the sum-total of the wisdom that an individual has garnered over the course of countless incarnations. In addition, it is a field of awareness where the energy of Christ-like love is found. Indeed, the Upper Room is where both the soul and the Causal Body reside, and is the place where the livingness of Christ dwells within each of us.


In this two-day seminar we will deeply explore the origin, nature, and evolution of the Causal Body. Often symbolized as a twelve petalled lotus, we will consider the gifts of awareness that these petals give to the evolution of human consciousness, eventually leading to enlightenment. 

And, because the Causal Body is the custodian of the Christ Principle, we will closely consider the evolution of Higher Love as it evolves within us, both from an astrological and rayological perspective.

Listed below are several additional topics that will be presented and discussed in this seminar, all of which will help us better understand and access the Upper Room hidden within each of us.

1.  The Laws of the Soul,
     governed by the Causal Body


2.   Building the upper span
      of the Antahkarana

3.   The origin of the Solar Angel,
      and its role in 
the evolution
      of human consciousness

4.   The cultivation of Inclusive
      Reason – 
an essential quality
      within the Upper Room

5.   Applying Synthetic
when in
      service to humanity

6.  A preparatory overview of
     the 2025 Conclave,
     occurring every 100 years.

                                                                         ~ We hope you can join us ~

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