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Rainbow Bridge Techniques 


Global Goodwill facilitates Rainbow Bridge Workshops throughout Ireland

Rainbow Bridge Techniques are offered to aid the student in building a bridge of consciousness to the source of wisdom within

- the soul, and in purifying the personality vehicles (the physical/etheric body, the emotional and the mental energy fields).


Over many lifetimes of evolving - the personality vehicles become filled with many unfulfilled desires, and emotional / mental blockages.  These blockages accumulate in the energy field or aura surrounding a person and appear - to extended perception -
as surrounding dark clouds and forms of low grade energies forming a cage-like grid that imprisons its owner in a self-made
psychic prison. (See fig 1)

Figure 1 - Before Clearing

Figure 2 - After Clearing

Rainbow Bridge Techniques Part 1 & Part 2

If you have never used the Rainbow Bridge Techniques before and would like to get started, you can just attend the Day One Workshop. You will learn the essential techniques which will enable you to complete the 

Phase 1 work and begin the Phase 2 Clearing Work.


This One Day Workshop is the first half of a two part Course where you learn how to build your Central Channel. Day Two will focus on the Phase 02 Techniques which are used to clear the aura. 


You can learn all of the techniques on a weekend workshop or attend two seperate workshops several weeks apart. See the Events Page for an up to date schedule of workshops.

During the workshop attendees will learn:

- How to invoke the cooperation of the Soul

- How to activate the Soul Star and use it for inner healing


- How to build the bridge to higher consciousness, the antahkarana


- How to clean the Aura


- How to invoke various protective energies from the Soul


- How to remove emotional & mental blockages from your aura


- How to awaken the intuition


- How to enhance your health by using the Rainbow Bridge practices


- How to accelerate Soul Integration


- A daily centering and alignment exercise


Figure 1.  Before Rainbow Bridge Clearing


This shows how most students look before they start the Rainbow Bridge Techniques.  Loose debris and impurities (thought forms and low-grade energy) have accumulated in the aura.  Some individuals with the ability to view auras see these impurities as surrounding dark clouds and forms of low-grade energies.  Some of the impurities are shifting and churning, partially fixed and condensed. The dark energies also appear loosely connected, forming a cage-like structure  that seems to have the person trapped in a network of their own distorted, negative thoughts and feelings. Some of the low-grade energy is dense and attached to the body, affecting their organs, their function, and health


The color, frequency, and clarity of your aura (vitality, emotional and mental energy fields) are very important because they represent the sum total of your development and character. As a consequence of the magnetic quality of the aura, you attract to you experiences, thoughts, feelings, and karma that are in harmony with the frequency of your aura.  If the frequency or quality of radiation is coarse and low, then you attract more discordant experiences. On the other hand, if it is refined and high, then you attract more harmonious experiences. For example, if you have an unresolved fear about a person or situation, you may attract the very situation you fear.


Wouldn’t it be it great if there was a technique to get rid of these emotional blockages?  Well, fortunately for you, there is.  In the past, the process of building the link to the soul and purifying the aura had been done in ashrams or retreats with the aid of advanced Initiates. However, due to the advancement in human consciousness, the work can now be done by us. The Soul Star and Rainbow Bridge Techniques offer a “do-it-yourself” program for removing impurities that ordinarily would have to be lived out the hard way by releasing the energy locked within them through suffering and illness over several lifetimes.
(see figure 2)




Figure 2. After Rainbow Bridge Clearing


This shows the cleared fields (etheric, emotional, mental, and causal) of an individual who has completed Phase II of the clearing work. The external patterns (low-grade energy) adhering to the body are gone, the Soul Star is very strong and shines brightly above the head, and the Central Channel is well defined. The health aura is not inhibited by adhering thought forms. The emotional and mental bodies are clear. The causal field is very large and is filled with various energies accumulated during the clearing process as a reservoir
of power. What is shown can be achieved in 2 to 5 years, depending upon the persistence, concentration and Soul response of the disciple.   (Rainbow Bridge II). 


When the Soul Star is used to clear obstructions or the negative thought patterns from
the aura and bridge the connection with the Soul, many benefits result.

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